Joe the Plumber to save the day.

“Joe the plumber” pretty much opened up the true debate and highlights the differences we SHOULD be looking at.  Do we TAKE from one who has success and GIVE to those who do not?  Do we reward hard work with confiscation?  Do we assign a RIGHT to health care, and by assigning fines to those who elect not to participate either by providing to employees, or in their choice of physical activity and diet, and are we morally correct to do so?

Government has lost its way.  Through the best intentions politicians have secured more power for the government, and the protections we have are seriously weakened.  Control of capital and the increased roadblocks in regulatory form pretty much stifle the ability for many to start or maintain small business.  The days of rolling your cart of wares into the street to sell them peaceably to the highest bidder or bargain hunter are at end.  You now must have a permit, or some other such qualifier.  Your product cannot be made in certain parts of the world, certain items carry the risk of lawsuit because some people don’t know its not good to swallow something such as horseshoes unless you label it as unwise, AND, if you decide someone cannot pay you back for a loan you would give, the power of government determines otherwise, forcing you under an emotionally driven law to risk your business assets.

The era of individuals seeking to follow their own path is passing.  Through “managed” economies, we are now facing wholesale changes in the nature of opportunities available for the population.  Michigan is changing to a “Green economy,” where jobs are scarce, and the quality of life is awesome.  HUH?  Through selected use of taxpayer money we now get to see who the governor and the MEDC determine are the best FIT for Michigan’s future. Never mind that many of us disagree.  And sadly there are quite a few who do, but for a seat at the table of the elite decision makers will compromise their own core values.  In some cases they might even convince themselves they are doing what is best.

It isn’t yet over.  But it is close, and the pipes are plugged.