Moore Fun on the Larry King Show.. LIVE FROM TC MICHIGAN!

Again the Palin nomination ..  wow  Michael Moore in TRAVERSE CITY on Larry King.. at the bowling alley with about 20 people and 3/4 empty lanes..  “Bowling for OBAMA.”  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  “She is an EXTREMIST” according to Moore. hahahaa  He also mentioned he was sponsoring a “hunters for OBAMA.”  seriously …like.. OMG!!!  hahahahaahahaaa Are they all messed up or what?  Michael Moore, Tarzan of the atheists, Big game hunter!  … soo sad.. the biggest thing he has ever hunted was a tuna sandwich after reportedly violating DEQ rules by changing the land around his property in Antrim County.

I have had to edit out the next four paragraphs  because it is also pure laughter.  Obama hereafter referred to as “O-Who.”


Michael Moore “surrounded” by O-who followers in the wildwood  lanes complex here in TC, MI  (oh yeah, now called Timber lanes..) the ONLY Bowling alley for 30 miles, and there are still only perhaps a dozen and a half folks there to support the O-Who presidential aspirations.

King: “polls show O-Who having trouble..”  I don’t believe that! says Moore. “That is wrong.”

Some Moore Comments:

“McCain sold his soul”  “If you dont like O-Who in four years then vote him out.” “Sarah Palin is an extremist” “one of McCains Chief advisors is a lobbyist for the nation of Georgia” Lieberman “WAS” a good senator and a good guy” and made references to Benedict Arnold referring to Liebermans speech at the convention Tuesday. “Are you enjoying $4 gallon gas?” (as if it wasnt the result of Liberal Environmental policy and a CORRUPT speaker of the house.)  “Only Cowards would cut and Run” .. Wow! he really said this..


And by the way.. Moore says The Palin Family should be off the table.  “Leave em alone.”  mmm.. you know..  ever since the MSM, while being in the tank for O-Who, has been leading the charge to “out” Palin family Mysteries, the polling is getting better for team McCain/Palin. You GOTTA love this election cycle!  The next show on CNN? Anderson Cooper.. where they will interview the Trooper who was fired by Palin..  Man, you couldnt make this stuff up.