Censorship alive and well.

I like to see what the other side has to say from time to time.  I have always figured it is good to understand the motivations and political theology of all points of view to craft appropriate responses when debating specific or general issues.  I follow a number of people on twitter, primarily conservatives and libertarian types.  I have also included in my follow list O-Who, CNN, and Lefty Joe Trippi.

Twitter, as many know, is used as a networking tool.  A not so bad rally point for a new thought or idea, and a quick way to broadcast it to all of those who follow.  A recent post By Trippi was one I felt asked for a comment.  He was touting the left’s conclusion that socialism will fix all these problems ion some bizarre way.  Using commentary and writing from several years ago, when the left also blamed the right for its failures. So I placed my commentary, and was respectful as I try to be when posting a comment on others’ blogs.:

“So you really think it would be better to have MORE government control?

I wonder about the government which was to have oversight, but instead forced these companies to have a higher percentage of their portfolios in high risk paper?

You wrote “Companies are leaving the country to avoid paying taxes, or avoid paying people livable wages. ” Let me ask you, if you were an business, and forced to do the above because a group of people were FORCING you to pay them more than the value of work they provided? What then would your opinion be?

I would suggest a radically different way to consider the “plight” of the ordinary Joe. Put yourself in my shoes. I OWN a business, and have a payroll. I must compete, and truly wish I could do more than what I am paying already. I Wish I could give the employees a better health policy, but because of government, the cost of doing business is high.

Others in my state could not hire summer help because the minimum wage became prohibitive. It resulted in a 10% (official is 9.6.. ) unemployment rate.

Joe I like your writing style, but do not agree in any measure with your premise that we need more government to equal things up. The only thing it equalizes is the misery. Like this bailout. Take it from somebody who actually EMPLOYS people. All those folks who couldn’t afford to payback the forced loans haven’t been helped. Not one bit.”

If you look at his post, it has not been approved.  For me it still shows being moderated.  One of the commenters was able to get by the first post filter with a link Joe liked, then posted again a few hours later.  I wonder if it might get removed?

My point being the leftists like Trippi have an agenda. Free speech is an unlikely cousin to their shout outs of more government.  Trippi and others easily place blame (incorrectly) to the less government side and hide their ill thought ideology behind censorship and removal of anything which contradicts them.