BLAME is as important as ever.. And Useful

“We are in the midst of a crisis” a call which is being well heard by investors and anyone who cares how government respects its constitutional authority.  In the midst of the maelstrom of moneyed mayhem, we find a few on the left placing the blame on the Bush administration, and in fact, it is said the partisan attacks actually may have derailed the President’s wished for solution. Shortly before the vote was to be held, the leaders of the Democrats in congress took to the podium and put forward their best political posturing in an effort to capitalize on the ongoing misery.

The Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, that walking plague bearer of corruption herself proclaimed that the Democrats were going to fix this problem that Bush caused, and pretty much ignored the Republicans who were actually on board to help with what was perceived to be The SOLUTION.  She was flanked by Madame Barney Frank, and other top Democrats who wished to get their “face time.” as problem solvers, and fiscal heroes.

A little truth could go a long way to explain the motivations of this capitol hill creature feature.  The Democrats who participated in the mockery of Republicans with whom they were attempting to craft legislation, may have done so to place blame on the Republicans first.  And for the very same reasons Pelosi and the gang that couldn’t shoot straight needed the Republicans on board, they attacked them.  If the legislation mucked up the nation more, then at least it was a “bi-partisan” effort led by that nasty Bush administration.  If it solved the crisis, then certainly the foundation for being the saviors was laid.

An interesting point that doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention, and SHOULD be, given that those who are claiming to be in charge of the fix might well be the reason it all fell apart. Michigan GOP posted on their site a video of a fox news story that might be of interest for truth seekers.  Because of the Democrats SHUTTING DOWN the regulations which would have prevented the current crisis, we now have a stock market situation that looks relatively grim.  We could of course look at the large donations from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to top Democrats in congress, those who were in charge of oversight.. right?

No.  Now that it is a “crisis” the blame game is unacceptable in the minds of many.  I suggest the opposite.  Call them all out.  If you know WHO caused the problem, then you might be able to keep them from trying to drive the car  the rest of the way off the cliff.  Pelosi, and her high dollar energy premium for fighting reasonable energy policy, Frank, and Dodd for their participation and weak oversight, Schumer for opening his fat trap and killing a bank that was actually stable until that happened, Paulson for NOT TELLING US WHEN HE KNEW a YEAR AGO, and finally George W. Bush for being off his rocker promoting this bailout in the first place.

Blame is as Blame goes.  It serves a purpose.  Not unlike the pain receptors and nerve endings it allows us to identify the trouble areas and rid ourselves of them.  Blame is good. It must be correctly placed, but it serves a function as we move forward and learn from ours, and their mistakes, so as to never repeat them.