ACORN on the ground in Michigan

An Ivory tower article appearing today demonstrates the need for better verification procedures for voter registration.  While I am not to be counted among those that prefer if uneducated, unknowing individuals didn’t make it to the polls or file for absentee ballots, I AM one who insists upon validation measures that ensure ONE VOTE for ONE PERSON.   Michigan is now a target of the “non-partisan group ACORN, with which O-Who has strong ties.

Proxy voting in an election is ultimately what happens when ACORN becomes involved.  This is a group of “community Organizers” which [IMO} true to Chicago style politics, seeks out the recently dead, those in nursing homes and Coma afflicted types.  Working primarily in urban areas, ACORN actively seeks out those who really couldn’t care less about the political process, builds on the welfare desires, and gets signatures for voter registrations.  Because most of the folks they approach will likely never follow up to go to the polls themselves, ABSENTEE BALLOTS are requested in their names, and the fraud begins.

The Michigan clerks handling the voter registrations in the article today say they will be able to verify the applications, but feel a little overwhelmed because of the sheer number of duplicate, and made up names are slowing the process.  Big surprise?  Not really.  The “NON PARTISAN” group with millions of dollars in grants from foundations that O-Who (Barack Obama ) helped direct, has been the target of federal probes on election fraud.

So, the questions remain, do we capitulate to the cries of those who complain about difficulties faced by urban voters to get to the polls?  Do we accept those complaints as realistic?  Or do we insist on “ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE” as it should be?

ANY activities by ACORN in Michigan politics should be immediately marked as suspect, and investigated as potential fraud, simply based on the history of their organization.  Further, O-Who’s assistance in building this regressive network of fraud mongering “community organizers” should be noted in his current election bid.

— Added 09-19-08 —

Malkin reports IN YOUR FACE ACTIVITIES will be happening.