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There has been quite a bit of buzz regarding Nancy Pelosi’s investment in CLNE, but on a couple of blogs the numbers seemed to jump to where I was getting lost .  It is important that much of this is vetted properly so that the rest of the nation can find out what we seemingly already know.

The original Financial disclosure for 2007, and the SEC filing, and the Law that Californians are going to enact speak for themselves.

It doesn’t take  a rocket scientist (though I know there are plenty in CA) to connect the dots. But I am also aware that where there is Smoke, there very likely is fire, and this has turned up some other interesting points outside of my original find.  There will be more.. count on it.

The guys have taken point on this issue, as our courageous congressmen have taken THEIR vacations and put them off to help the country recover from a doubling of gas prices in Pelosi’s short tenure as speaker.   The main stream media I believe is still deciding if they want to take on the speaker, or perhaps it is getting too hard for REAL citizen issues to be looked at, but this clear conflict of interest will be top story soon enough.

There are people already struggling to stop the movement, and to stop this story in particular.  One commenter’s words:

“But #dontgo’s dog won’t hunt –

“It has come to our attention via #dontgo that Madam Speaker’s stunt on Aug. 1 was not only for her book and to squelch the free press and fellow House Members properly informing the public but also to pad her bank account.”

“Her book?” The house historically adjourns this month… check previous congressional calendars on Thomas. “Squelch the free press and fellow …? Seems the press reported the GOP stunt, didn’t they?

So where did all this originate? It seems as if someone in Michigan checked Pelosi’s financial disclosure statement a little, but not enough. Her investment in CLNE is chump change in a nice hefty portfolio. As the 9th wealthiest member of the house, Pelosi and Hubby have as estimated net worth of $25 -$100 mil. The investment in CLNE (what $50 – 100 thousand???) is the kind on money that falls under their sofa cushions.

Do the math and then check the symbol on any finance site. If her investment triples, it would be less than 1% of her assets. Hardly a “bombshell” and nothing congress will do anytime soon will have much impact on that stock.

#dontgo, Michigan taxes and Michell Malkin are feeding spurious “scandals” to naive folks who refuse to do homework.

McCain in ’08 because we deserve him.  “

Well, lets back it up, line by line…

1.    McCain in 08 because we deserve him..  ok comment says pretty much all you are going to say.  All we need to do is go that far.

2.    Feeding is sometime how word gets out when something seems amiss.  Homework friend, is what was done. Do yours.

3.    The math as you say?OK, yeah pocket change, or SOFA change as you put it, but remember this is a NEW infrastructure to be built on the back of Taxpayers, and you know that is ALWAYS big money. And the financial speaks for itself.  You ever hear of Google? Microsoft?  These were not BORN as $100 billion dollar companies, but the uniqueness they brought in along with government contracts paved the way for the risk takers at the helm.

4.    Ah yes they ALWAYS Adjourn this time of the year…  However, historically the members have an opportunity to give a 5 minute speech prior to adjournment.   There were other technicalities that were ignored as well, but I suppose that really doesn’t matter, as their speech you could care less about anyhow?

 This whole issue will NOT go away.  I hope everyone with a little curiosity will look at the documents and maybe help us put the pieces together a little more completely.  Citizen Journalism’s time has come!

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  1. August 13, 2008 at 12:15 am

    New Energy Reform Act of 2008 (PONZI SCHEME)
    The “Gang of ten” proposes a “compromise” but, in reality, it is nothing more than a warmed over version of the Pelosi-Pickens Ponzi Scheme!

    Bill Collier

  2. August 13, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Looks like pretty solid homework was done here… the Speaker has a clear financial conflict of interest… one that she is acting on by refusing to act.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. August 13, 2008 at 8:56 am

    SEE!! Kudos to you!!!


  4. SSNarwhal
    August 13, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Having been out of state for 5 years, its taking me some time to
    re acclimatize myself to MI political folly. We were fortunate to hear in the deep South, in detail, of Detroit’s mayor’s troubles. . . but sorry Detroit, I have never considered Detroit to be Michigan, as almost all the rest of the nation does. I don’t deny its political clout, but our state is one of most beautiful places to live in the country and is much much more than Detroit. When I tell folks this, they are invariably surprised. What I would like, is to discover more MI conservative sites ( such as I discovered this one at Michelle Malkin’s) Any recommendation would be appreciated.

  5. August 13, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    SSNarwhal: is a *great* site. And from there, you can find many other great conservative blogs, pretty much all of which (thus a link from right michigan) concern this state either directly or indirectly.

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