For Michigan.

That of course is my primary mission here. Michigan the beautiful, the great, and now the depressed because of policies created by the Granholms, Pelosis, and an overly influential environmental lobby.

The whispers I am hearing are that in Detroit, the automakers are gearing up for a little rally of their own. Some folks are headed back to the lines as we speak. I am glad. Sadly, There are a lot of folks that will never go back however. Because there are certain models that are too comfortable too pricey and use a little too much gas for our own good. Then, when we look at the scandals, pay offs, and suggestive relationships that involve those people in Michigan, and nationally, it leaves me with a little lunch in my throat that refuses to go down.

I love Michigan. It has beauty and a uniqueness that it’s face should be plenty enough reason to live here DESPITE higher costs to do business, higher education cost, and poor fiscal policy within it’s government. But equalizing our misery throughout the nation wont help us. ..truth is, that seems to be the way socialism takes hold. Pelosi, and any of the characters who would deny a vote on energy policy need to GO AWAY. Last time I checked, Nancy Pelosi was only 3rd in line for the presidency, not THE president, and NOT the person who should be able to Veto good legislation that guarantees our security now, and in the future.

Michigan has been paying for her policies, has been paying for Granholm’s, has been paying the price more than the lousy $2 a gallon increase in her tenure as house leader. Now, as we discover potentially a new shallow profit motive to throw the US to the dogs, one has to wonder if it is politics, environmentalism, or pure greed.

For Michigan, For the Nation… Support the members of congress who have stayed, worked, and called for a return to Washington to do OUR business. We can help ourselves to another era of prosperity or we can wait till we have no choice.

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