Pelosi on Meet the press..

At the beginning of the video, when Brokaw brings up her “substantial” investment, Nancy Pelosi first jumps to pointing out how relatively small a part of her investments this particular one is.

Note that she is STEAMED and very uncomfortable with this type of question.  HOW DARE HE ask such a thing? Brokaw is supposed to be on her side!  But, she was prepared with the numbers, and made her attempt to brush off as a minor “investment package.”

This particular story of Nancy’s corrupt nature is only a part of a bigger feeding trough mentality she has about congress.  Our Nation’s legislature? Nancy’s personal bank account.  Many might recall last years water bill which President Bush vetoed, and was over ridden by a sound vote in the House and the Senate.  What many may not realize, is Nancy Pelosi added  an earmark of $25 million to improve San Francisco port areas, and also restrictions that would put some areas off limits to navigation so cruise ships could dock. Her investor husband gets rental income from buildings in a nearby commercial district.  Those were brushed off as minor as well as noted in the SF Chronicle.

“Minor,” “inconsequential,” investment packages…  A party which supports divisive politics, counting houses, calling for equity, and accuses the Bush administration of corruption, misleading etc., supports the house speaker Nancy Pelosi’s vision of abusing her position for self profit?  Its all out there to see.  Even Brokaw in the video clip above had the good sense to point out that she is “also in the position to influence” the price of oil, to which she immediately pointed out “that is the marketplace.”  Of course it is the marketplace. My bad..  silly Tom Brokaw for even mentioning it.

oh wait…  Doesnt the marketplace often take its cues from actions in congress?  Isn’t her position to hold off voting on drilling telling investors (the marketplace) that they might have to place their futures purchases sooner to guarantee a fixed rate?  They dont want to run out of oil, and when they look at shortages caused by congress’ inaction, they are prepared to pay a higher price to do so.

As for investing in what she believes in? Super! Let her invest in pig poop futures for all I care.  I actually agree that natural gas is a plausible fuel for vehicles and fleets.  It DOES burn cleaner, and is abundent HERE in the US, which is why it was readily made into the choice heating fuel, and also used for generating electricity.  However, she through her investment is actively advocating using TAXPAYER funds as kindling to start the great big bonfire of profits for CLNE.  CLNE has spent Millions to talk Californians out of an additional 5 billion they can hardly afford, (If anyone is paying attention California is ALREADY BROKE) and setting the bar for federal funding of natural gas fleet earmarks.

So, as we move forward towards an energy solution, I have a small recommendation.  Follow Pelosi around with a scooper, and open up the methane processing plant.