Huckabee, on his chances improving…

“I believe our chances have improved significantly”


At least doubled Mike… in fact now you have a an 8% stake in the number of delegates..  snap.

In the meanwhile, I will tuck my tail twixt the legs, and go vote for whomever is left, who can win furthest away from the person the Comunis.. um I mean Democrat party puts up.  It is somewhat sickening however, that I may have to vote for a person who thinks global warming is a real problem we should do something about…  or who may believe government has the right to determine when we have supported an issue/candidate/party enough to the point of enacting laws abridging our constitutional rights. (the first amendment for those of you who have only vaguely heard of the document before)

So, only a couple government abridgments of our rights, instead of dozens more given the alternatives… hmmm