San Francisco Bay Area Democrat supports housing and health care for illegals?

But.. Unfortunately in Michigan –

Governor Granholm is a San Francisco Bay Area Democrat, Plain and simple. In February 2007, State of Michigan officials visited Texas, to invite unemployed Hispanic illegal aliens there to come here to Michigan to find work. And.. the State of Michigan consulted with illegal alien interest groups on how to best market Michigan’s state-funded “social services”

The goal was “to promote Michigan agriculture and the various services available,” Rick Olivarez, a state monitor advocate, said during a meeting in February of the Michigan Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

And she wants to “hold the line” on the repeal of the service tax unless there is a replacement (now it is the 38% surcharge on the 4.59% tax of distributable business proceeds. <–I can Only speculate the MBT is this., as it is still not clarified by our state govt.) Granholm would add additional burden to a part of the system according to 2006 state figures that costs the taxpayers already 16 billion dollars (the sum of human and health services.)

The 2006 census estimates put the population of Michigan at 10,095,643. This means (by breaking out my little calculator) that we spend $1600.00 for each human being who resides in the state already. add a couple hundred thousand illegals, and we have spent an additional 300 million dollars. This does NOT take into account the potential higher need for those health and human services over what Joe Citizen has. Those nuances should be obvious.

The malady we endure is that which is borne of a left coast California ideology, and is extremely cancerous. OF COURSE we don’t want sick people to go without care, OF COURSE we don’t want people sleeping in their vehicles or on the streets. But perhaps if we do not invite them unless they are prepared for paying their own way we will not be stuck with the ever increasing burden of taxes and government.

2 comments for “San Francisco Bay Area Democrat supports housing and health care for illegals?

  1. jgillman
    November 11, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    Let me be clear. I am a supporter of immigration by ALL who wish to live in our great country.

    However, it should be altogether reasonable to expect those who wish to live here be able to provide for themselves by
    A. Entering Legally
    B. Learning the English nanguage which is the language of prosperity
    C. Respecting the laws which are established for ALL.
    D Respecting OUR TRADITIONS and not attempting to change them by governmental pressure with an all too often constitutionally retarded judiciary

    The United States of America is the beacon to the world. It should remain so.

  2. Norm
    November 27, 2007 at 10:49 am

    I understand the reason for having an official language. Our government is spending way too much money to have documents printed in several languages. My observation has always been that some people in the USA may be speaking english but I still can’t understand what the hell their saying. (deep south or black or whatever)

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