Perhaps a "change of heart" could help?

grennie.jpg While Michigan business waits with the uncertainty of how new tax law will be implemented, perhaps we can (in the spirit of the season) cross our fingers and hope that our esteemed Jenny in chief will see the error of her ways, and offer a few of the gifts she has taken from under our trees back to us. All to often, there are folks like Jenny who think they know better than us what we should do with our money and that really it doesn’t do US any good if we have control of it.

Jenny and her cronies in the union lobbies actually think the business owners in Michigan are rich simply for OWNING a business. They think Michigan residents enjoy paying Michigan state employees the kind of wages and benefits most (common folk) will not see. They think Michigan has more to give, and it’s residents loyalty to the state is limitless with open wallets and patience.

Jenny? If you DON’T think that way.. then you are Consciously violating the trust that had been placed in you. You are then with complete awareness of your immoral actions making policy to steal from the residents of Michigan. If you DO think that way, perhaps you don’t have enough consideration of how the most basic economics work.

But the people in Michigan ARE truly wonderful, and in the spirit of a particular Dr. Seuss story, we will still have our families, we will still have our hope, and if you bring our goodies back, maybe we could have a plate of roast beast ready for you as well.