New Immigrant Problems in Indiana

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Jesse Schooler is a truck driver for the Indiana Dept of transportation. He says on any given night he sees at least 100-200 people “sneaking over Michigan Indiana border in the dark of the night. “Kinda strange ayup.” he ponders ” Why they do it, I’m not sure, ‘specially cause its not like they aren’t welcome.” Schooler continued “I almost hit three crossing the road just last night, and they didn’t even notice my truck, but just kept looking back with terrified eyes.”

Schooler is commenting on the recent immigration of people from the poverty stricken state of Michigan. Indiana government census manager Buddy Weisser, finds mixed emotions on the increased traffic from the north, “They’ll take a lot of the jobs the Hoosiers don’t want but its really hard to get a head count, and thats my job..” Weisser says “its a mixed blessing though, Where there used to be mostly Mexicans and Amish there are now what appears to be Michiganders flooding the Home Depot parking lots..”

The state government of Indiana has not yet taken action on limiting the flow of these new workers, much to the delight of employers who are finding cheap labor a boon to their bottom line. Officials however insist the money being earned by the new residents may not be filling the coffers of local stores, as much of it is being sent back to the families back in the Michigan homeland. – Staff

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