Evil or Ignorant?

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity is a leading indicator of new business creation in the United States. According to their figures, Michigan is DEAD last in business creation as shown here: Kauffman Index .

I am pretty sure unless you have been under a rock for the last 6 years, you would already (living it as we are) know this fact, but there are folks who apparently do not. It seems incredible that the destructive powers (Governor Grandholm et al.) cannot disassociate themselves from their chosen political philosophy long enough to see they are steering the bus off the bridge.

We must remain vigilant and continue a barrage of communication to our representatives to pursue fiscal responsibility as well as a policy of common sense as it relates to business relations. Unfortunately there are some who are NOT born with the ability to employ logical thought.

While I may seem a little hard, as the use of “name calling” is not usually recognized as a good arguing skill, I am actually giving the purveyors of our economic disaster the benefit of the doubt. If they are not in fact a little muddled, befuddled, or ignorant, then the only alternative (Logically) is that they are EVIL or possibly CRIMINAL. EVIL, if they wish to see the destruction their acts bring, and take joy in our pain, or.. CRIMINAL, if they have somehow found a way to capitalize by reaping rewards from special interests.