Letters to Jenny…


Dear Jenny,

I have been out of work for a year and I am about to lose my house, is there any way I can avoid this?

Sincerely, Out of work in Oakland.

Dear out of work,

OF Course you can! Our 21st century jobs fund is perfect for a person like you who wants to start a new business, and create new jobs! Just a small investment in Michigan can reap big rewards and bring you out on top! Thanks for asking. – Jenny

Dear Jenny,

My husband says I will have to take a second job so we can keep from going on public assistance. Is there an area of employment you recommend?

Respectfully – Mrs New Job

Dear Mrs. Job,

I have a great idea! Politics has been wonderful to me and my husband. In fact I have been able to provide him with a full staff for his private musings with the funding great people like you have provided! I cant think of a better career choice for a sister in need. Look me up! – Jenny

Dear Jenny,

Over the last several years, my business has suffered due to the loss in tourism in my hometown as the beaches are being overgrown. Add to that, the SBT which (thank god) is about to go away, had been the tipping point which made me have to take odd repair jobs, and a few cash lawn jobs. Is there ANY relief in sight?

Yours Truly, M Plevins in Pinconning

Dear M Plevins,

It has come to my attention that you are delinquent in your taxes for income earned as a lawn service provider. We will be in contact. Have a nice day! – Jenny