"NEW JOBS" Touted By Governor A Farce..

Recently governor Granholm announced 4000 NEW JOBS as the result of efforts by the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) Typical political sleight of hand by our governor shows the real desperation to demonstrate the value of the MEDC. No fewer than 5 letters to the editor reveal the REAL truth about Granholm’s recently announced 4000 new jobs for Michigan.

20555 Victor Parkway Livionia, Michigan is the current address before Quicken loans receives the 2 or so million dollars to relocate WITHIN the state, to Detroit, where the Employees will now have to commute and pay additional taxes based on Detroit’s income tax. Thanks for nothing Jenny

The state has gained only a tax burden, Quicken loans gets a remodel at TAXPAYER expense, The employees will suffer a net LOSS, and The governor calls it a good thing? WAKE UP! Stop the use of taxes for selective rewards for big business willing to move around in these crazy SHELL GAMES.