Film Makers Beg Off Taxes To Use Michigan..


OK.. Lets see if our state government “buys” that a 40% tax reduction for the film industry will bring movie business into the state routine. Film makers, and proponents today argued the merits of turning Michigan into a film mecca by offering specific credits and tax breaks to film makers and crews specifically. Some who testified argued the “movies would start filming tomorrow!” Also they argued this activity would fill the state with money spending crews etc.. Will the state capitulate?

If they do, then it proves a couple things. First, that the powers-that-be DO understand that reducing taxes has direct employment benefits. Also it shows the state’s utter disregard for the taxpayers who have weathered the last several years and the tenure of a special interest controlled governor and legislature.

I hope however, that they get their way, because the argument for lower taxes for the rest of us becomes harder to deny.