Christmas Brings The Usual…

Every year starting at the end of November, the debate over government sponsored religion heats up. In Michigan 2007, it is the Nativity Scene in front of county building that seems to offend some of those who do not have a religious background or have made the decision that there is no God. The offensiveness of a mother and child is such that it drives them to aggression in the form of lawsuits, and added cost to our local governments if they decide to defend themselves.

This country was founded by individuals who believed that all persons had the GOD GIVEN right (note* “endowed by our creator” tag line) to practice religion (or to not practice) in their own way. The intent was certainly to not free us FROM religion, but to allow our personal expression of religion. Those persons who were not practicing Christians were ensured their rights as human beings would not be lost to a government driven religion as well.

A Nativity Scene does more to symbolize the cultural heritage of our country’s founders and the majority of the population, than proselytize the Christian faith. However, the whiners usually win by dragging down our collective resources with expensive lawsuits and threats to do so.

Here is a suggestion to solve the problem.

On public property where the Nativity Scene has been a tradition, allow the Buddhists, Hebrew’s, Muslim’s, and Atheist’s icons for “fairness” We would then see:

A Fat guy, Star of David, Cat Stevens, and an Empty space.