Nancy Pelosi up until now has been considered “untouchable. ”  And while I have fretted over the high cost of fuel for myself and those I care about, she jets back to the great big socialist plantation known as California.  Recently, I had gained some new investigative tools, which I thought were going to give me something to do, and maybe…  Just maybe, feel like I can have an effect on the politics of this great big land of ours.

On Friday,  I posted some things I had found on Nancy’s 2007 Financial disclosure form.  I made the connection with the help of some articles on the company in question and as they say (whoever “they” might be) the rest is history..  Or will be.  I followed up on Sunday with additional thoughts about it, and pretty much hoped someone would look at it. As blogs can sometimes be more fulfilling to the people WRITING them, I wasn’t sure where it would go.

John Edwards Also had something to say on Friday. And without getting into it ALL, I would like to extract one particular comment; “I cheated because I became “egocentric and narcissistic.”  Yeah, UNTOUCHABLE TOO…   Power has a way of doing that.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi thought this was just a “little” investment.  After all, her net worth is considerably more. Maybe she thought nobody would notice. “Well, there you go again”as my all time favorite president would have said.  We DID notice Nancy dear, and it aint over yet, not by a long shot.  I have been to at least 10 Separately managed Blogging sites, who each have managed a jab or two of their own, and each one with commenters, and readers who will spread the word.  One such site is managed by none other than Michelle Malkin.

Is Pelosi still “untouchable?” Will the MSM finally do their job? —  Stay tuned