It's the Stupid in the economy again.

An interesting read at Right Michigan. Prompts me to write..

Our politicians need to learn a little of cause and effect. Aside from the language in the constitution protecting the royalties from natural gas and oil from Michigan owned lands, the nature of legislation such as Schauer’s, is as a “money grab,” and nothing less. In some twisted logic, the state senator is trying to convince us, and perhaps himself that raising the royalties on the companies who extract the oil and natural gas will encourage them to do more?

Again, we must go back Economics 101 again for the financially retarded liberal thinkers in our state government. Ok Folks.. LISTEN UP! I’ll say this in big words so you cannot miss it:


I even made it a pretty color for those of you who are in Stryker’s camp.

Something to note as well, is that we live in MICHIGAN, and it GETS COLD, and if they need to pull the natural gas from the ground ELSEWHERE, we are in DEEP DOO DOO. (that was not INTENDED to be a Stryker comment but eh.. what the heck) Home heating costs are already a concern in this state, and increasing the cost of the producers on ANY level will bring those costs even higher to the end user.

Seriously, it is only in government where a complete failure of common sense, can the creator a low IQ solution like this be rewarded with a good salary, lifetime benefits, and a nice pension. Anyone in business who proposes measures in this manner wouldn’t make it long enough to draw unemployment, much less those perks enjoyed by our policy makers.

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