Rick Snyders True Colors Flying

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Many folks have been wondering why Rick Snyder won’t openly debate the other Republican candidates for Governor.  Some say he does not yet want to be outed as the progressive shill he is.  Some say he is simply “trying to talk directly to the people” instead of participating in an establishment exercise. Believable?

Perhaps, as the there are enough potential true Republican Voters who are convinced enough to believe Rick Snyder is worthy of their support for the primary, much less an acknowledgment he is a Republican in the first place.  Something to take seriously when looking at a candidate who hopes to be the standard bearer of the Republican party of Michigan.  To be sure… the GOP can do far better than this RINO. (yeah.. I said it)

Am I being a little strong?

Rick Snyder was the first executive of the MEDC.  He was the pilot of the state of Michigan’s voyage into taxpayer pockets with its corporate giveaway program.  These things don’t happen by accident.  He does not get selected because he was standing around on a street corner whistling a pretty tune.  He lobbied for, and received the position of Chair of the MEDC at its inception.  Never mind whether it works, or whether the taxpayers even get a benefit out of it.  There is no question he knows the system quite well, because he BUILT IT.

But this isn’t where it ends…  It only starts here.. For God’s Sake.. please continue..

Remember the Stem Cell Embryo ballot initiative which passed into our constitution?  “unlimited embryonic stem cell research, NOT to be limited by legislative action in the future…”  yeah THAT ONE.

Who funded it?  ..Let me tell you.. it took a lot of cash.. but that was no problem for the organizers (Cure Michigan) of it..  Take a look at the list on Michigan’s Finance Pages, and right off the top is a cumulative MAJOR funding element $millions from Taubman.. Guess who is a renowned speaker for the Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and a member starter planner, Chairman of Ann Arbor SPARK, the innovative, focused economic development organization formed by the University of Michigan where the Taubman trust money is controlled?

And it gets Deeper..

In 2007 Rick Snyder used his expert knowledge of the MEDC operation to game his very own grant of taxpayer $millions (7.5 of them big boys) for his company, Ardesta.  What does Ardesta do?  It invests in research firms..  One of those investment types in the area of “life sciences”  Life sciences.. Wait..  Is that the sound of a Baby grinder running somewhere?  “Careful don’t spill those stem cells..  You don’t know how hard it is to clean that up!”

~ Before we continue further..  Perhaps we take a commercial break from our sponsor, REALITY. ~

Sources of stem cellsThe main clinical application of stem cells is as a source of donor cells to be used to replace cells in transplantation therapy. Stem cells can be obtained from several sources:

-Spare embryos: stem cells can come from leftover embryos stored at fertility clinics that were not used by couples to have children.
-Special purpose embryos: embryos are created in vitro fertilization (artificially in the lab) for the sole purpose of extracting their stem cells.

Embryos and living or dead adult tissue provide stem cells.

-Cloned embryos: embryos are cloned in labs using somatic nuclear transfer method in order to harvest their stem cells.
-Aborted fetuses: stem cells are taken from fetuses in early development that have been aborted.
-Umbilical cords: this after-childbirth tissue holds potential for research.
-Adult tissue or organs: stem cells are obtained from the tissue or organs of living adults during surgery.
-Cadavers: isolation and survival of neural progenitor cells from human post-mortem tissues (up to 20 hours after death) has been reported and provides an additional source of human stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells must be obtained when an embryo is in early development, that is, when the fertilized egg has divided to form about 1000 cells. These cells are separated and maintained in a cell culture dish, thereby halting embryonic development towards creating an individual. This is why embryonic stem cell research is the subject of ethical debates. Utilization of adult stem cells pose less of an ethical dilemma: however, adult stem cells may not have the same potential as those derived from embryos for medical therapeutics.

Sadly, some very good friends of mine have been told by Rick himself that he is “Pro Life.” They believed him..

And he says he is not a politician..

Really?  Is this the type of business you build, support, encourage as a supporter of life in the womb?

Prevarication, thy name is soiled with all the stories a royal nerd might tell… Because NOW it becomes clear where the King of pocket protectors expects to get most of his support. From Snyder’s very own site:

“Ann Arbor, MI — Today, the Rick Snyder for Michigan Campaign launched a full-scale, statewide effort to encourage Independent and Democratic voters to vote in the Republican primary for Rick Snyder. Coinciding with the release of the website, www.CommonSenseforMichigan.com, is an unprecedented grassroots effort reaching voters who have not traditionally voted in Republican primaries and informing them about Rick’s message of revitalization and reinvention for Michigan.”

uh.. yeah.

ok.. we have:

  • Donations to Dingell, a HARD CORE Democrat by Snyder
  • Donations by Snyder’s Wife to Tom Daschle a HARD CORE Democrat
  • His best friend, the Owner of Gateway Ted Waitt a HARD CORE LEFTY Democrat
  • Owns a company that funds medical experimentation of embryos (unlimited by law now) a LIBERAL Democrat supported profession
  • Sits on a board that may have directed large sums of money towards the success of the 2008 stem cell initiative in a LIBERAL Democrat community (The republic of Ann Arbor)
  • Calls himself PRO LIFE?
  • Now is asking for DEMOCRATS to cross over and pollute the Republican primaries.
  • Really..  Do I have to go on?

    For conservatives to support this wolf in muttony garb would be bad enough, but when it involves asking the other side to infiltrate the selection process as conservatives are about to regain control of a party which has lost its way?

    Snyder is now flying his darkened flag..  His most recent effort is no surprise to me, but is it at all acceptable to traditional Republicans, and conservatives that the color of a most extreme progressivism may well be flying as the soul of the Republican party is at stake?

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