Vaseline, plastics, etc..

Oil Prices, like EVERY other commodity are based on availability.  When the availability drops, prices reflect it to the point where people are willing to pay. I am not sure if we could EVER say it enough or with enough emphasis.  Folks who dislike the continued use of oil need to recognize a couple things..    A., It’s not only about the fuel in the tank, and B., It is ABOUT fuel in the tank.  Hmm.. Did I need to say that?  Yeah I did, and Michigan workers who rely on it for the sale of their quality goods need an answer sooner than later.

While most Conservative views are regarded by Liberals as attempts to “squash the little people,” one could look at the record, and see the most damaging effects coming from the left side of the aisle.  Aside from an economic ignorance many (most?) Democrats in congress have, the consistent results and effect of policy on their own constituents are readily ignored, and the real OVERALL effect typically blamed on others;  “Big Oil,” “Big Telecom,” “Big Energy,” “Big War,” or “Big Gay Al,” the Republican Senator who really made news when he came out.

The Overall effect, reduced food on the table for several fuel related reasons.  Production cost more, Delivery expenses increase, Containers made of plastics have higher costs, and driving to work and the store all of a sudden reduces the number of meals you can afford.  Oh and don’t forget that those who provide the food, plastic goods, and delivery services are also going to pass some of THEIR increased living expenses as well.  So the question remains how can the proper message be disseminated a little more quickly and accurately as to the real effects of poor energy policy?

The #dontgo movement is a recent response to congress shutting down.  Michigan Representatives, as well as others from around this great nation have given up their vacation to do the people’s work.  The representatives who stayed are mostly Republicans, they have put blocks in the doors, and the have been blogging, twittering, and holding speeches for over a week now.  The #dontgo movement has got their back, and is trying to draw attention to this important issue of finalizing  energy policy which is needed for security, and the health of our nation.

Nancy Pelosi needs to be brought back to finish what needs to be done.  She may not because of her special interests, but I really do hope the Democrat controlled congress can get it’s act together and provide the nation with some sound energy policy, so that this time when the Michigan budget process is completed, I  will know that there is a little gas in the U-haul or at least a lot of cheap petroleum jelly, because I think I know where we are getting it next.