Surprise, Stabenow And Peters Continue To Fight For Expensive Energy

AFP: Stabenow and Peters Placed Special Interests Above Job-Creation
Keystone Pipeline Construction Will Create Thousands of Jobs and Help Meet Energy Demand

AFP-LogoLANSING – Americans for Prosperity’s Michigan State Director, Scott Hagerstrom, issued the following statement in response to Senator Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters votes today against approving Keystone XL pipeline construction.

“We are disappointed that Senators Stabenow and Peters chose to stand with special interests against the workers and families across the nation who will benefit from the Keystone pipeline. Despite State department reports showing that construction will create 42,000 jobs and have no significant environmental impact, Stabenow, Peters, and a few other Senators continue to do the bidding of their extremist ideologically-driven funders. It’s time to stop playing politics with commonsense economic opportunities and get America working again. We hope President Obama shows bipartisan leadership and quickly signs this into law, allowing construction to finally begin.”


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