Russell Kirk Understood

Russell_KirkMichigan native and renowned conservative Russell Kirk may be gone for the last 20 years, but his wisdom is timeless.

“In any society, order is the first need of all. Liberty and justice may be established only after order is tolerably secure. But the libertarians give primacy to an abstract liberty. Conservatives, knowing that “liberty inheres in some sensible object,” are aware that true freedom can be found only within the framework of a social order, such as the constitutional order of these United States. In exalting an absolute and indefinable “liberty” at the expense of order, the libertarians imperil the very freedoms they praise.”

Libertarian leanings are quite alright in my personal opinion, however there must be norms and clearly defined limits in our behavior so that we might have a conscious expectation when interacting with others.

‘Victimless offenses’ are rarely so. Mere exposure of those offenses to our youth who are not yet prepared for adult decisions, can alter them irreparably.

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