AFP -Michigan Urges State Legislators to Resist Medicaid Expansion

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan lays it out.

On the heels of a crucial vote in the House Competitiveness Committee, the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity-Michigan urged state lawmakers to resist expanding Medicaid as allowed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. State Director Scott Hagerstrom issued the following statement:

“It’s a real disappointment to see the House Competitiveness Committee agree to help President Obama implement his Washington health care takeover. By voting to expand government health insurance to an estimated 1 out of every 4 Michiganders, the members of this committee voted to saddle future generations with billions in additional debt.

We urge House and Senate lawmakers to stand up for taxpayers and the hard-working families of our state by opposing an expansion of the failed Medicaid system. Federal dollars are not free; rather, they come at an enormous price to our children, our grandchildren, and state control.

There are numerous reasons for Michigan to reject any type of Medicaid expansion. Most of those reasons begin and end with a federal government that has become too large, too intrusive, and in desperate need of reform. The people of Michigan are sick and fed up with government living beyond its means at their expense. Rather than caving to special interests, state lawmakers need to stand on principle and demonstrate their commitment to fiscal responsibility by rejecting the Obama Administration’s Medicaid expansion.”

And frankly, what in the hell are they thinking to help Obama undo true free market systems with this garbage.

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