“We can guess…” Again…?!

Attorney for Union Boss Ballot Proposal Repeats Claim to Board of Canvassers That His Proposal is Intentionally Confusing


Lansing, MI, August 13, 2012—An attorney representing the deceptive ballot proposal aimed at hijacking the Michigan Constitution and undoing scores of economic reforms stunningly admitted today for the second time in as many weeks that his proposal is wildly confusing and is designed to tie up Michigan courts with reviews of an unknown and potentially limitless number of unidentified Michigan laws.

“No one can (determine what laws and sections of the Constitution this proposal will affect),” union lawyer Andrew Nickelhoff shockingly admitted today in a legal filing with the state Board of Canvassers.  “If POJ passes, its interaction with existing constitutional provisions, laws, and ordinances will be determined by the courts on a case-by-case basis…”

Rich Studley, President and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce which represents 6,800 Michigan businesses responded: “Either the proposal’s union lawyer does not know what his proposal will do or he is not willing to tell voters.

“Michigan voters should not have to “guess” which laws and which parts of the Constitution they are being asked to overturn.  Any hijacking attempt that forces voters to guess what it will do and promises to clog the courts with challenges to hundreds of unidentified laws has no place in Michigan’s Constitution.”

According to numerous media reports, when asked last week which and how many Michigan laws his proposal would overturn, Nickelhoff stated: Those are questions that will have to be decided by courts ultimately.  We can guess at how Protect Our Jobs might affect existing legislation and we could spend all day doing that, but in the end, it’s just going to have to be decided (in the courts) on a case-by-case basis.”

Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution is a growing and diverse group of taxpayers, job providers, individuals, local chambers of commerce and other organizations.  CPMC is committed to educating Michigan families about unprecedented attempts to radically overhaul the state’s constitution through new, misleading ballot initiatives. For more information, please  visit http://www.handsoffourconstitution.com.

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