Stabenow Must Return Corzine Campaign Donations

Corzine Scheduled to Testify Before Stabenow’s Committee Today

LANSING, Mich., Dec., 13, 2011 – The Michigan Republican Party today called on Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) to return all campaign donations from Jon Corzine, Corzine family members and any MF Global employees. Corzine is scheduled to testify today before the Senate agriculture committee, currently chaired by Stabenow.

Michigan Republican Party spokesperson Matt Frendewey issued the following statement:
“Senator Stabenow needs to come clean and avoid the appearance of a conflict by returning any and all donations from Jon Corzine, his family members and any employees from MF Global. The hard-working men and women who were defrauded by MF Global deserve answers about the missing $1.2 billion, not political theater. Senator Stabenow needs to be transparent about any political donations she’s received or solicited from MF Global.

“As chair of the Senate agriculture committee and a member of the Senate finance committee, Stabenow is in a position to provide crucial oversight over MF Global but her credibility remains in question as she refused to disclose and return the $4,000 in combined donations she received from Corzine and his family.”

Jon Corzine, former Democratic U.S. Senator and governor of New Jersey, served as chairman and CEO of MF Global, a New York-based financial and brokerage firm that filed for bankruptcy in November. It has now been reported that $1.2 billion is missing as the company mixed funds in various accounts.

Last week, Stabenow announced she would investigate the missing $1.2 billion because much of the missing funds relates to commodities trading.

Donations to Stabenow (Source:

  • Jon Corzine – Newark, New Jersey, 07102 – $2,000.00 – 03/26/2006
  • Jon Corzine – Summit, New Jersey 07901 – $1,000.00 – 07/23/1999
  • Joanne Corzine – Summit, New Jersey 07901 – $1,000.00 – 07/23/1999


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