Steele Will Not Run For US Senate

Dr. Rob Steele on the Michigan United States Senate Race

“We need real change in Washington and the only way to do that is by defeating Debbie Stabenow, President Obama and other liberal democrats in 2012. Stabenow and her democrat colleagues refuse to recognize that out of control government spending and over zealous regulators are killing the Michigan and U.S. economies.

Earlier this year, I announced that I would decide prior to the GOP Mackinac Conference my intentions in the United States Senate race. My challenge was having the time to commit to a statewide race while still serving my patients and colleagues. The campaign to defeat Debbie Stabenow will take a 100% effort, and right now I cannot give all of my time to a campaign. Because of this, I will not run for the United States Senate in 2012.

In the last few months, I visited with and received encouragement from people all over this State desperate for conservative leadership in Washington. I will not run but I remain committed to the defeat of Debbie Stabenow and Barack Obama.

The debt ceiling debate demonstrates the starkly different approaches the two political parties choose to address our nation’s debt crisis. Democrats want to raise taxes to fuel excessive government spending. Republicans want to reduce spending and the size of government while balancing the budget without raising taxes. We need a freeze in current spending not the phony cuts in projected spending that we have seen in the past from both political parties. The problem this country faces is out of control government spending and excessive regulation.”


Dr. Rob Steele 


Dr. Rob Steele is a cardiologist from Ypsilanti, Michigan. In 2010, Steele held John Dingell to his lowest percentage of vote in his 55-year career. Steele accomplished this while continuing his practice full time until just after Labor Day. Dingell outspent Steele by nearly a 3 to 1 margin.

2 comments for “Steele Will Not Run For US Senate

  1. Marcia Cline
    August 2, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    Dr. Steele:

    Although I’m sorry to hear you will not run for the Senate, I am heartened that you are an outstanding physician. Your patients are lucky to have you.

    Good luck in your endeavors. Should you decide to make a run for Congress in the future, I will be out there working for you.

  2. John Connolly
    August 5, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    Thanks, Rob, for all that you’ve done and for all that you do. I am definitely on the Rob Steele team for any future endeavor where I can help.

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