Sammie Finalists Announcements Today!

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds” ~ Sam Adams

Maybe you have noticed in the links on the sidebar one that connects to the Sam Adams Alliance. Recognizing and encouraging freedom, and empowering liberty minded activists.

That thing called citizen journalism has potential reward.  Along with other pro free-market activism, bloggers, videographers, and transparency advocates can be rewarded in beyond the positive effect they have on the community and the country as a whole.

They can win some serious cash.

From the website:

The Sammies awards program began in 2007 with six prizes and $35,000 in award money as part of an effort to recognize and elevate the outstanding work of activists around the country.

Today, SAM has expanded the contest and awards program and increased the prize money to $60,000, recognizing bloggers, investigative journalists, videographers, citizen activists, public servants, and everything in between. Check out the Sammies winners from year’s past here.

Below are the award categories for the 2011 Sammies:

Rookie of the Year: $10,000
In 2010, newcomers to the political scene accomplished what professional politicians couldn’t. The Rookie is someone who engaged in politics for the first time.
Messenger: $10,000
In the spirit of Paul Revere, who warned the colonists and, more importantly, knew which doors to knock on, The Messenger is a master of the media, awakening the American people to the principles and cause of liberty.
Reformer: $10,000
The Reformer is a leader in their community who works to improve and make more responsive-and responsible-the institutions of government. The Reformer is someone who organized reform measures that contributed to better government.
Watchdog: $10,000
Government without watchdogs is like a free all-you-can-eat-buffet. The Watchdog is a citizen who took risks by blowing the whistle or effectively making known information that promotes good government or good citizenship.
Public’s Servant: no cash prize as the award goes to a public official
This honoree holds themselves and their institution to a higher level of responsibility. From school board leader to congressman, the public servant awardee has enacted or helped to enact tangible improvements to their district or community from their elected or appointed position.
Modern Day Sam Adams: $20,000
Like the original Samuel Adams, this strategist sparked a revolution, redrawing the lines of the political landscape. The Strategist united people behind a vision that successfully acted as both change agent and connector.


The official deadline for the 4th Annual Sammies was January 28, 2011. Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, and winners will be awarded at this year’s event on April 8, 2011, in downtown Chicago.

I will bring you the announcements as soon as they are released.

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