Rand Paul On The POTUS Speech

Last night President Obama talked about why we are in Libya.

I have had a little trouble understanding an expansive world mission initiated by one who used the harshest words toward previous administrations and the defensive/offensive postures we have undertaken already.  The title of hypocrite immediately comes to mind. however, the leader of Libya is enough of a murdering jerk, that it almost makes the hypocrisy understandable, and perhaps acceptable.

That is, if you let emotion drive the debate.

Rand Paul in his response to the president, makes a reasonable and logical argument that challenges the premise of our involvement in this current affair, and wonders openly whom it might be that we are supporting.

I will concede one point made during the president’s speech. The crash of our F-15 in Libya did not result in the pilot becoming the victim of local rage over American imperialism, but rather demonstrated the locals concern for the pilot’s welfare. It is something worth considering.

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