Politics Apparently..

No worries folks!

I have not backed down on fiscal responsibility issues, or work on returning the proper role of government, as the result of the coordinated effort to try and take my voice away.

The most recent letters to the editor at the record eagle are carefully arranged for maximum effect.  In failing to note the name of one writer as a Democrat activist, and who is the wife of one of the other commissioners, that is also the VICE CHAIR of the GT Democrat party, the Record Eagle has failed in properly presenting opinion once again.

The letter the next day from that commissioner, failed to note his position as vice chair for the DEMOCRAT PARTY of Grand Traverse county.

A letter writer last week was Bernie (Bernol) Soutar, the candidate whom I beat by 30% in November for the 1st district seat which I represent.  He is ALSO the TREASURER for the Grand Traverse County Democrats.


Its political.  Soften up the competition.  The shellacking received by Democrats in the November election seems to have them digging in and taking shots well before the next election cycle coming up.

Its all good.  Now that I understand their primary motivation, I can concentrate on finding unique solutions for Grand Traverse County’s fiscal future.  We are not yet out of THAT crisis, but I can report that the administrator, and the board, are very conscious of where we are headed in this time of reduced property values and shrinking revenues.  We are ALL (including that one commissioner) working towards solutions that get you more bang for the buck.

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