MTTM Supports Wisconsin Tea Party And Governor Walker

Nowhere, more than in public union engagement is there a cost more worthy of challenge.

The organizing and protests by union represented public employees is perfectly legit as a means of expressing their disagreement with Governor Scott Walker’s decision to ask them to share in some of the adjustments to Wisconsin’s finances.  It doesn’t take away from the need to look at their contribution, but it gives them a voice.

However, as the buses from other states flow in with paid for protesters, and organizing begins to emanate from of all places, the White House, the self determination angle begins to fade.  Add to this the refusal of Wisconsin Democrats to do their statutory duty (by showing up for work), those who support the unionized public employees begin to lose their moral authority.

Now the tea party folks in Wisconsin have stepped up to the plate and launched their own supporting protest for the embattled governor on this issue.  And as seen in the last year’s election cycle, their numbers are formidable. Badgers have come out in force to make it clear they sent Walker to Madison to once and for all, address this issue.

God speed to Governor Scott walker, and Bless our tea partying patriots for once again demonstrating what this country is truly made of.

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