Feeling The Love

Went through some of the video from the Saturday February 26 rally in Lansing last night before hitting it. I would be lying if I said there were no civil conversations held, but frankly the few that were indeed civil, could not make up for the cat calls, the abusive language, and physical intimidation offered by those whom we disagree with.

For my part, I am convinced most many of the labor union members that go to these rallies are little more than animals. They operate on a feral code of emotional response akin to dogs in a pack. Violent tendencies seem to be their commonality, with no regard to personal property, or the physical well being of their fellow man. As one example, in the video below, my son was using the camera to pan across the crowd, but was identified as being with our small group of tea partiers.


Look at this guy’s face. Just before he reaches out to grab the camera. Pure.. hate?

I have yet to see any tea party activist behave this way. And I am proud to say so.

I expect a follow up to Malkin’s Hate-O-Rama Article with many videos like this.

Hopefully this is as bad as it gets.

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