Publicly Funded Promotion Of LBGT Lifestyles?

I pay little attention to the activities of those who decide to pursue their adult consensual relationships in a  manner they see fit.  I hold no overall animosity toward those who feel the biologically natural relationships between men and women is not for them.  In short, those personal decisions are hardly any of my concern, unless they begin to affect resources, affect the way I wish to raise my children, or promote public health.  And then am I paying for it?

This letter we received from an alert citizen in Traverse City, Michigan.  The question was asked: “How do you dismantle a publicly funded left-wing fraud? In a letter to Donna S. Hornberger, the League of women voters president under the Subject: “Civility, Respect and Survival”

“Dear Donna,

The Traverse City Human Rights Commission is planning an educational forum tentatively titled “Civility, Respect and Survival” for spring 2011, the date to be determined. We would like to invite the League to be a co-sponsor of this event. The Commission is open to discussing the extent of your co-sponsorship. For example, we welcome your help in the planning of the format, speakers or panel participants, and the discussion outline.  If we decide to seek a keynote speaker from outside the area, we would welcome some cost sharing. We would like you to take a larger role than in your co-sponsorship of our successful 2009 Fall Forum, “Gay and Lesbian Life in Traverse City.” We expect this to be another exciting and thought provoking program for our community.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like additional information, you may contact me at (231) 620-xxxx.

Sincerely yours,

Linda J. Wagner, Commissioner

Human Rights Commission of Traverse City”

This seems to go beyond the scope of seeking fair play and equal treatment, as would be the charge of the Traverse City Human rights commission.  Has the Human Rights commission adopted a policy of Homosexual advocacy?  Has the City of Traverse City adopted a stance of promoting a particular lifestyle?

Are Traverse City taxpayers aware they are funding such things?

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