Publicly Funded Promotion Of LBGT Lifestyles?

I pay little attention to the activities of those who decide to pursue their adult consensual relationships in a  manner they see fit.  I hold no overall animosity toward those who feel the biologically natural relationships between men and women is not for them.  In short, those personal decisions are hardly any of my concern, unless they begin to affect resources, affect the way I wish to raise my children, or promote public health.  And then am I paying for it?

This letter we received from an alert citizen in Traverse City, Michigan.  The question was asked: “How do you dismantle a publicly funded left-wing fraud? In a letter to Donna S. Hornberger, the League of women voters president under the Subject: “Civility, Respect and Survival”

“Dear Donna,

The Traverse City Human Rights Commission is planning an educational forum tentatively titled “Civility, Respect and Survival” for spring 2011, the date to be determined. We would like to invite the League to be a co-sponsor of this event. The Commission is open to discussing the extent of your co-sponsorship. For example, we welcome your help in the planning of the format, speakers or panel participants, and the discussion outline.  If we decide to seek a keynote speaker from outside the area, we would welcome some cost sharing. We would like you to take a larger role than in your co-sponsorship of our successful 2009 Fall Forum, “Gay and Lesbian Life in Traverse City.” We expect this to be another exciting and thought provoking program for our community.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like additional information, you may contact me at (231) 620-xxxx.

Sincerely yours,

Linda J. Wagner, Commissioner

Human Rights Commission of Traverse City”

This seems to go beyond the scope of seeking fair play and equal treatment, as would be the charge of the Traverse City Human rights commission.  Has the Human Rights commission adopted a policy of Homosexual advocacy?  Has the City of Traverse City adopted a stance of promoting a particular lifestyle?

Are Traverse City taxpayers aware they are funding such things?

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  1. Beth Webster
    January 7, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I too have no objection to another person’s personal and private decisions. Their personal, private life is just that, personal and private and I will uphold their right to that decision every chance I get. I do, however, object strongly to paying for the promotion of, education about, sensitivity training for, or whatever politically-correct phraseology they choose to use, concerning that person’s personal, private decision.
    As a matter of fact, making any specific group of people more equal than a simple private citizen, because of that group’s ethnic, religious, or sexual preference, is a divisive action and does nothing to truly promote understanding or tolerance.

  2. Paul Nepote
    January 8, 2011 at 12:19 am

    By Paul Nepote —- The Record Eagle Fri Dec 31, 2010, 06:14 AM EST

    Next November the people of Traverse City will vote on an ordinance that grants homosexuals “special protection” relating to the definition of “discrimination” as those terms are used in employment and housing law.

    The definitions would be expanded to prohibit the denial of housing to persons because of, among other classifications, their homosexuality, gender, gender expression and gender identity.

    While decent housing is a right everyone should enjoy, and while citizens of Traverse City assert that persons with a homosexual orientation should not be subject to unjust discrimination, the expansion of the definition of discrimination as contained in the ordinance is cause for concern.

    If the ordinance passes a vote of the people, sexual orientation will be elevated to the status of race and religion in our constitutionally protected classes. Sexual orientation does not constitute a quality comparable to race, ethnic background, etc. The recognition of homosexuality as a protected group for which it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead to the legislative protection and promotion of homosexuality.

    The concerns expressed by “Traverse City Opposing A Gay Agenda Ordinance” say we need to consider the effect that passage of such laws will have on family life, including marriage of one man and one woman, and the public morality of the entire civil society on the basis of fundamental moral values.

    These concerns should cause all Traverse City voters to seriously question the appropriateness of the “gay agenda ordinance” legislation.

    About the author: Paul Nepote is the founder of the local citizen group “Traverse City Opposing a Gay Agenda Ordinance.”

  3. August 7, 2011 at 6:57 pm


    According to information provided by Grand Traverse County via a FOIA request by Paul Nepote, representing Traverse City Opposing a Gay Agenda Ordinance, Traverse City Commissioner Jim Carruthers was in violation of a contract with the County of Grand Traverse while collecting a salary as the voluntary HIV/Wellness executive director. Jim Carruthers made the decision to promote illegal homosexual activity in Grand Traverse County Public Parks which was clearly not the intended use of the funds he was responsible for. The funds were to be used primarily for patient needs when those AIDS patients had exhausted all other options. According to the agreement with the county, Carruthers would have been terminated if word of his involvement with the promotion of illegal homosexual acts in our public parks had been brought to light.
    Carruthers was using monies distributed by Grand Traverse County to supply condoms to those who suffer from an uncontrollable desire to sodomize other men, preferably men who they had no prior contact with. It seems many homosexual men prefer the excitement and risk of anonymous gay sex.
    In a interview with Eartha Jane Meltzer, published in “Between The Lines” Michigan’s leading “Gay” magazine” Carruthers stated that he as executive director of HIV/Wellness had directly supplied condoms and other materials to homosexuals by actually going to our County Public Parks and handing those materials to homosexuals who were using the parks for illegal homosexual acts of Sodomy and oral sex.
    Not only were these acts promoted by AIDS/WELLNESS, under the direction of now City Commissioner Jim Carruthers in violation of Michigan Law, they posed a health risk to those who were being serviced by Carruthers and AIDS/WELLNESS, using funds distributed by Grand Traverse County. I believe this activity promoted by Carruthers also created an unsafe condition in the parks for Children and Families of the Grand Traverse Area.
    Not only did Grand Traverse County indirectly promote a dangerous health risk in our public parks, it allowed public funds to “PAY FOR IT”.

  4. August 22, 2011 at 12:59 am

    Traverse City, Michigan will be the only city in the United States with a gay rights ordinance on the ballot. The culture war will be waged in all its glory right here in our city; the strategies of both sides will be watched very closely by every news agency in the country with any interest in the gay straight battle for power. By adding the words gender identity and sexual orientation to a local city ordinance homosexual activists hope to open the door for those who would silence any opposition to the lifestyle.

    The homosexual activists have attempted to implement exactly the same language on more occasions in Michigan, than all the other states in this country combined. In all of the communities where these ordinances were proposed, there has not been one verifiable claim that any person has been denied employment, denied housing, denied service in a restaurant, because of their same sex attraction.

    Once a community enacts one of these so called non discrimination ordinances, which bestows special protected status on homosexuals, supposedly to protect gay’s from discrimination in employment and housing, the homosexual activists receive a bonus, in the way these new laws can be used.

    Here are a few examples of how this exact same ordinance is being used to punish those who do not support the homosexual lifestyle.

    In Detroit gay activists used this ordinance to deny the Boy Scouts of America the use of public parks and made sure that Police, and Fire groups could no longer sponsor Explorer Scouts, because the Boy Scouts Refuse to allow openly homosexual men to serve as Scout Masters.

    In Boston, gay activists used this ordinance to try to force Catholic Charities Adoption Services to place children with Gay and Lesbian couples. Because Catholic Charities believe that children should only be placed with a married couple made up of one man and one woman, they were forced to close there door after a 100 years of service to children. The Vatican states, to place children in homosexual homes expose’s them to extreme danger.

    Gay activists used this ordinance to prohibit the Salvation Army from bidding on services to the poor, even though the Salvation Army has never refused homosexuals any of the services they provide.

    When someone tells you that religious organizations are exempt from this ordinance, they are not telling you that only Clergy and the Church are exempt, church employees and the people who attend the church are not exempt because of their religious beliefs.

    Traverse City’s so called non discrimination ordinance is truly a solution in search of a problem, and is totally unnecessary. For more information visit Facebook “http://WWW.Facebook.Com/groups/straightpride/”

    • james
      October 20, 2011 at 1:30 am

      So, you would just have gay people live in a sheltered box. Never going out and commingling with the “normal” people.

      This may be hard for you to understand, but there is no homosexual agenda. There is no conspiracy.

      There is however people that are sick of being attacked because of another groups religious beliefs.

      I don’t want special treatment. I want the same treatment as anyone else has. But as it stands America is FAR from treating all its citizens the same. There is still rampant bigotry, and very few things in place to protect homosexuals at all.

      It isn’t unnecessary, you have no idea what it’s like to be gay in this country. And the constant discrimination and threat there truly is, that homosexuals deal with every day.

  5. August 22, 2011 at 1:01 am

    People of Traverse City need to wake up:
    In my opinion Gay City Commissioner Jim Carruthers and the City of Traverse City tried to use illegal language on the November ballot question concerning the Special Rights Ordinance the City Commission passed last fall. The ordinance bestowed special protected class status on those who practice same sex intercourse in Traverse City. It is my belief that the City Government knowingly tried to circumvent state election law in hopes of gaining an unfair advantage at the polls. For some reason our local government seems to be hell bent on the promotion of homosexual issues at the urging of Traverse City Commissioner Jim Carruthers, and our infamous Traverse City Human Rights Commission. People of Traverse City need to wake up, when ever you give Special Rights to a specified group you are taking rights and personal freedoms from others.

  6. james
    October 20, 2011 at 1:23 am

    What special rights are we talking about here?

    The right that if two guys are at a restaurant they wont be thrown out for the sole purpose of being gay? That they wont be thrown out of their home for being gay?

    I’m all for personal freedoms, but what you people are saying is that gay people should live their lives in fear. If they came out they could be evicted, if people in a business saw they were gay they could be thrown out.. That isn’t right.. That isn’t what this country or this city should be about.

    This isn’t apart of an agenda, this isn’t some conspiracy. This is trying to let people live as equals. Gay people should not be shunned into a corner, they should be able to live openly and freely like everyone else who takes that freedom for granted.

    • October 23, 2011 at 10:21 pm

      Sounds like a real tough break for you. But as the adage goes… Life isn’t fair. Nor is the creation of life, fairy. Gods’ Law.

      What your agenda equates to is legislatively forcing people to like your deviant chosen behavior beyond your Natural Rights.

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