Two Rallies One Message

The message?  REPLACEMENT.

The top four pictures taken at the Waterford Tea Party Express Rally for Rocky Raczkowski yesterday afternoon, and the bottom four from the Monroe Tea Party Express event for Dr. Rob Steele. Any of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

A sunny day marked by a little chill in Waterford made for a good rally setting amidst the abandoned mall buildings in the background.  Something that didn’t even stand out  to me right away, as I have become accustomed to Michigan’s ‘new reality.’  H/T for Lloyd Marcus for actually opening my eyes with his observation on this.

The visit to the Monroe event was somewhat impromptu, and given the lighting, the pictures came out pretty decently. Imporomtu for us, but apparently a last minute support gig for Dr. Rob Steele, who has been polling well against the 55 year incumbent in Michigan’s 15th congressional district. The TPX folks didn’t expect as well a turn out as happened. A pleasant surprise indeed, with about 450 on hand.

As an aside I had an opportunity to chat with Dr. Rob, and found him very approachable.. We have not had so much of that in our congressmen for decades.

Now if this energy can move the meters in the voting booth.. we might have a chance in a couple days.

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