Dingell Steele Debate! 10-20-2010

Rep. John Dingell and Rob Steele, will debate Oct. 20 at Monroe Community College.

Dingell faces a strong showing by Dr. Rob Steele of Ann Arbor.   The Long serving representative from Michigan’s Congressional District 15 is already showing weakness in recent polling, yet may try to use the debate as a tool to resurrect his lagging campaign.   Steele is perfectly happy to have him try:

“It is the responsibility of candidates to make sure that the voters know where they stand,” said Steele, an Ann Arbor cardiologist.“A debate is the best way for candidates to present their view on the crucial issues that face our state and our country today.”

The debate is scheduled for 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the college’s La-Z-Boy Center.

There may be an impromptu Tea Party outside the Venue.

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