Hillsdale Tea Party Re-Scheduled


If you are concerned about where our country is headed, we encourage you to attend our Tea Parties.
What do you know about our Constitution? Would you like to know more?

The Hillsdale Tea Party will be presenting their next event at the Dawn (Roxy) Theater this Thursday September 9, 2010

Dr. Jeff Horton has been coordinating many restoration projects at the Dawn and those returning should be impressed at the progress.  You could say it is a masterpeice in progress. Hopefully this month we will not have the weather interfer with the program.

The unwelcome rain last month did provide the exact locations of leaks to be fixed. The roof should finally be secure.  All projects are not finished, but much has happpened in the foyer area.

The doors will open at 5 PM with the event to begin at 5:30 PM Where Bob Najmulski from the Federation for American Immigration Reform will address the concerns of many about immigration laws.

Professor Ivan (pronounced eevan) Pongracic of Hillsdale College Economics Department will be the featured speaker this Thursday Sept 9. presenting “How Expanding Government leads to Loss of Liberty”.  Dr. Pongracic will discuss the dynamics of Government intervention leading to unintended consequences. Only the private sector produces value and “the market” will determine the best solutions to production of value and jobs IF allowed to to florish without government control . Questions may be asked from Professor Pongracic after his presentation.

Dr. Burt Folsom’s autographed book, “New Deal or Raw Deal” ordered and paid for last month can be picked up..  The event will close at 7:30 PM with all singing “God Bless America” Again donations will be accepted for the Tea Party expenses and the restorations of the Dawn.

The next HILLSDALE TEA PARTY IS SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 21, 2010 at the Dawn (Roxy) Theater

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