Michigan Invention A SOLUTION To Crisis?

A Kalamazoo based operation has a machine that can produce “miles” of material that can clean oil out of water.

Jim Hanson of Marketing Technology Service says his company can produce MILES of material that extracts oil from water, and can be re-used over and over. He has contacted BP and is still waiting for a call back, and has produced a video (Below the fold) which demonstrates on a very small scale how it can work. Hansen says his material is

“light, can be easily transported, and is completely reusable.”

The material is made with a process and machinery that can be used to make diapers etc. The Machine is an advanced Product prototype and is in Kalamazoo, Michigan where they are prepared if approached for their solution by BP or other parties interested in their solution. Hanson says

“I don’t understand why they don’t call. we have offered to Fedex materials to them for testing, as the product is ready, and we can provide it immediately”

The demonstration below Hanson admits is a “little cheesy”, but at least shows how the oil is drawn out of the water.

Michigan Company, Michigan Ingenuity, and perhaps a Michigan answer to this crisis in the gulf.

But while Hanson waits for the call from BP, perhaps the administration might want to take a look as well? Or is it more important to add more layers of bureaucracy with some new CZARS as noted in Malkins article?  Maybe he could take the 20 minutes spent with BP and let them know to look at Michigan, where we may have some REAL answers.

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