CO2 Causes Insanity In Michigan Senators

Either crazy, or perhaps without the base understanding of what they do to our state by allowing an unelected body determine LAW.  The two muttonhead US senators from Michigan seem perfectly happy to allow the EPA’s classification of CO2 as a pollutant to stand.

Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow had an opportunity to retain a little dignity, and perhaps a realistic continuation of their charade that they truly care about the state they are charged to serve.  Michigan unfortunately has been blessed with nincompoopery x2 and will see a future that continues to be like the last few years.  A Resolution to stop the EPA from essentially writing law that classifies CO2 as a pollutant for regulatory purposes was voted on, and refused  by our two US Senators.  The resolution as explained by the Mac Center’s Russ Harding:

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, would negate a current rule that EPA is finalizing that would regulate greenhouse gas under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act. EPA’s attempt to regulate greenhouse gas as a pollutant has huge negative economic implications especially for manufacturing states like Michigan. The proposed EPA rulemaking would likely for the first time require clean air permits for thousands of commercial sources in Michigan, such as shopping malls and bakeries, thereby driving up their costs.

CO2 is NOT a pollutant.  The second grade science lessons that our mentally deficient representation in the upper house must have skipped would have given them that clue.  We breath it out, plants use it to grow, it creates life, yet the brainiacs in the EPA now find themselves emboldened by the brainiacs in the senate to look at such things as H2O as dangerous as well. (that is simple water for you lefties)

Emboldened with the support of Senator Carl Levin and Senator Debbie Stabenow.

This state has suffered under the delusional misguidance of the worst Governor, and these two maleficent pimples of humanity for too long.  Senator Levin’s comments on the resolution?

First, I believe we all should understand that the subject of this resolution –EPA’s “endangerment finding” – is a product of scientific review of the facts regarding climate change. Current law, and a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, require EPA to act in the face of these facts. If you believe in the science, as I do, then you must either acknowledge EPA’s responsibility to act, or seek to change the law that imposes that responsibility.

If you believe in the science presented as global warming.  Or if you believe the Supreme court was correct in finding CO2 a pollutant.  Or if you believe in that monster under your bed, or that Al Gore invented the internet.  All your beliefs carry with them an equal scientific basis.

Ignore the fact that its hard to get a grant to study a NOTHING, an INSIGNIFICANT, a ZERO consequential molecule  that has fostered life forever, and is a renewable byproduct of that very life.  A part of our chain of LIFE, and a fact we learned as early as second grade.  Add to this, a purposeful ignoring of the recent “climategate” revelations, that tell a story of falsified data, incomplete computations, and a very REAL conspiracy to hide results that would only threaten the funding which  the involved scientists receive for posturing the climate change hype.

For now however, the reality for manufacturing in Michigan, is that our senators want NONE OF IT.  Much like our governor, no amount of CO2 is acceptable, and like a dog with a bone they would like to bury it, cease it, and perhaps put a bag over our heads so it cannot escape.  Remember, Stabenow said “When I am Flying, I can feel global warming.”


How incredibly amusing. Oh wait, she is a sitting US senator…  Maybe not so funny, but merely a little “funny” if you know what I mean.  Her own emissions might be what she feels.  The emissions of those who run the EPA undoubtedly even worse.  In fact, a vacationing Michelle Malkin took a break from her rest and puts it this way:

As I’ve noted before, it’s the Obama eco-appartchiks who are the real public danger and whose regulatory emissions must be contained.

Indeed.  The use of the EPA to promote a political agenda is merely a natural shift however.  Some of those within might actually believe that a gift of life is a pollutant. Of course some of those within might actually lack critical thinking skills as well.  Malkin points out on the vote:

Update 4:30pm Eastern. The Murkowski resolution to stop the EPA power grab failed on a 47-53 vote.

The 6 Dems who voted with Rs to try and head off the eco-usurpation…

Landrieu, Lincoln, B. Nelson, M. Pryor, Bayh, Rockefeller.

Of course in this great manufacturing state, we would not be so lucky to have any Democrats representing us who actually BELIEVE in MANUFACTURING, as the names Stabenow, or Levin are conspicuously absent from those six.

Are they nuts?

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