Two Songs From The Tea Party In Traverse City April 10 2010

We had a special guest at the Traverse City Tea Party. Debbie Lee of (she is the one in the pink holding her son’s picture) Americas Mighty warriors has been traveling with the Tea Party Express team, and spoke to the crowd about her son and his ultimate sacrifice. Then they performed this song..

Grab the tissues…

then.. we sang the Bailout song..

The video might be low res for a day (Youtube thing) but should show as HD by tomorrow..  I just couldn’t wait to get this out..


Let me be very clear..

This group of traveling patriots has endured long days, have likely been eating poorly, one was hospitalized for exhaustion, yet they keep rolling. Not for personal glory, and as I can attest to the good nature in which they greet and are greeted, they are not full of themselves.

They simply want to affect a change back to the ways of liberty. They want people to come out and become active. They merely want the US of A to remain free, and without tyranny… And its working.

The Tea Party Express is indeed a worthwhile cause.

Thank you Traverse City for being #1, and making them feel welcome.


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