Smarter than the average…


This morning, a little excitement in Traverse City, Michigan.

Listening to Ron Jolly on WTCM, his guest was a man who started a “Critter Control” business franchise.  Though this 350lb (estimated) black bear is not something Critter Control handles, it was still interesting to hear of the treed bear from a report a listener messaged in.

Yogi here, is not quite on the right side of the airport.  He must have traveled along the south fence line of the airport and moved north.

A bystander commented that there are quite a few bear in the area between 3 and 4 mile road.  Having a piece of property in that area, I must concur.  The occasional whiff of dirty diapers has given us pause while camping at a time or two.

I have folks sending me pictures later possibly.

Boooo Booooooo!!

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