Meet The People Candidate Forum Michigan Senate 35th District

This is three of several candidates running for the Michigan Senate 35th district.  Scheduling conflicts apparently keeping Democrats from  attending.  These two are running for the seat to be vacated by term limited Michelle McManus.

The sound could be better, and as with some of the videos taken at  the event, I could not compress without losing content, so they are  broken into two parts.  But I figured out how to add as a playlist to save page space.

I hope this helps.

2 comments for “Meet The People Candidate Forum Michigan Senate 35th District

  1. Marcia
    July 21, 2010 at 10:19 am

    I am trying to get information on each of the candidates running for state senator in 35th district. The responses on this video are not coming in clearly on my computer. Is their any hard copy I can see regarding each one? What issues they are running on and their stand on current issues and values.

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