Why The United States Is The Greatest Country In The World

A forum honoring and defending this country

Wednesday, April 7, at 7 pm

105 S. Kedzie corner of Farm Lane and Auditorium Rd, MSU Campus.

The forum will  feature  speakers  emphasizing the unequaled political liberty and economic  opportunity Americans enjoy.  The forum will hold  up what is good and great about America at a time
when our national leaders and academic elites blame  and disparage our country.

Dr. William Allen
Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy, MSU and Visiting Senior  Scholar,  M. J. Ryan Center, Villanova University

Dr. Gary Wolfram
Professor of Economics and Public Policy,  Hillsdale College,   President of Hillsdale Policy Group

Jointly sponsored by the MSU College Republicans, by the Conservative Faculty and Staff at MSU, and by the Americans for Prosperity, a statewide advocacy group.

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