Michigan State Senators Need Your Advice


Stop the Gov’t Union Raise!

Please call each of these Senators and tell them to stop the gov’t union raises.  This issue could come up for a vote in the Senate as soon as Tuesday. (tomorrow)

Government employees are up for another raise, 3%, at the same time most of the private sector is taking pay cuts or staying flat.

Non-union state employees have already had their raise canceled.

Under State Constitution the legislature has 60 days from the beginning of the year to reject raises for the union employees.

How much would the 3% raise cost?  $33.7 million.

Anderson, Glenn S. Westland  517-373-1707
Barcia, Jim Bay City    (517) 373-1777
VanWoerkom, Gerald  Muskegon    (517) 373-1635
Richardville, Randy  Monroe    (517) 373-3543
Olshove, Dennis  Warren (517) 373-8360
Switalski, Michael  Roseville  (517) 373-7315


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