Job of the Day – Survival Businesses – A Michigan Survival Guide Installment

The following is from the Secret Information site where I have received permission to reprint excerpts for the Michigan Survival Guide.

For the next several days, I will present a number of things you can do to generate revenue …Right Away!

If you have lost your job and unemployment is high, starting a small business may be the best way to generate income quickly. You may be short on money, which is why the following businesses are all possible to start for less than a thousand dollars. That’s an investment that most people can come up with if they absolutely have to, even if it means a credit card cash advance or loans from family and friends.

In fact, some of these can be started with less than $50. Your initial investment depends on what resources you already have available. If you already have a car, for example, you might start a delivery service for the cost of filling the tank and offering someone your help. If you have a computer and are already paying for internet access, there are a number of ways to start making money with no investment at all.

Using the resources you already have is an important point here. This is about survival, after all, and not about pursuing your dream job. So look at what you have in terms of tools, contacts, training, knowledge and skills and then find a way to make a business out of them. This is a more practical route when you have to generate income soon and you don’t have a lot to invest.

The businesses listed here may or may not be suitable for your situation, but they are meant to get you thinking. They are a a few dozen examples of what is possible. You can be assured there are hundreds of ways to make moneys starting with very little. Just keep your mind open and working.

Oh, and this is certainly not meant as a “how-to” manual for any of the following. If you see some that are interesting to you, you will need to do some research of your own. The library, bookstore and internet are good places for this.  ~

Tomorrow’s installment — A couple of starters..

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