BREAD BEANS and BULLETS – Jobs taxes and the 2nd Amendment

Monday, March 8th, 2010 (7 pm)@ AMVET Hall,1217 Merriman, Westland, MI

Speakers Jack McHugh– Michigan Votes website and Mackinac Center for Public Policy : Stacey Mathia – Independent candidate for Governor, Scott Hagerstrom-state director, Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP) and Rick Jarosz, Downriver Republicans Grassroots Organization  “The Second Amendment” (Gun rights)

How do we fix our broken government and reclaim the future for our children? Come to a TEA party town hall on March 8, 2010. Our speakers- Rick, Stacey, Jack and Scott- will be sharing their thoughts and views on what’s broken, and what we can all do to fix the problems. . Emphasizing current concerns, the meeting is entitled, “Bread, Beans and Bullets since it will address Jobs, Taxes and Gun Control.

It is no secret that Michigan is seeing the worst unemployment and in the biggest crisis since the Great Depression. Our auto manufacturers pushed into bankruptcy while Wall Street rewarded. Washington politicians have done a terrible job. Health care has had a big debate, but other issues affect us- such as gun restriction, loss of jobs that pay, or increasing taxes and debt. . These topics will be discussed at a Town hall meeting, sponsored by the Patriots of Southeast Michigan.

Jack McHugh is a senior legal analyst of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The Center’s mission is to ““improve the quality of life for all Michigan citizens by promoting sound solutions to state and local policy questions”. He also is the editor for Michigan Votes, the website that provides the activities of the Michigan Legislature. He has published essays on public policy in all major Michigan newspapers

Scott Hagerstrom is the state director of Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He will endorse the return of Federal government to its Constitutional mandates. AFP is opposed to health care reform, cap and trade (to limit global warming) .Fresh from speaking at the TEA Party convention, Scott will instruct on how to bring Congress back to fiscal responsibility.

Stacey Mathia will discuss returning common sense and conservative principles to Michigan government. She states, “I look forward to speaking with all of Michigan about returning us to prosperity.  I look forward to returning our state to a climate that rewards entrepreneurship, not punishes it.” She will share about improving the outlook for business in Michigan.

Rick Jarosz is vice director of The Downriver Republican Grassroots Organization(DRGO) He will speak on the Second Amendment as it relates to gun ownership and little known proposals by the Obama administration to restrict gun ownership. Their stated mission is “to create a resource that informs, demonstrates and persuades through objective presentation, debate and discussion, the benefits of limited government, individual liberty and individual responsibility.” This stance is echoed by all of our speakers.

The town hall will be held Monday, March 8, 2010, at the AMVET Hall, 1217 Merriman Rd, Westland, MI at 7 pm. For more information contact: Ralph Glugla  or visit our website: Patriots of Southeast Michigan:

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