State Of The State.

If you haven’t heard, Michigan has been in a recession.   In fact, it has been an ongoing problem for about 5 or 6 years.  The funny thing is, though the country is now getting a taste of what Michigan has endured in that time, there will be many throughout the country that have the same willful ignorance of the cause of their malaise.

Sadly some of the most skilled orators are the most deceptive.

Trusting her judgment is not an option any longer.  In fact, there is nothing redeeming about the miserable failure Jennifer Granholm and the machine which placed her in the driver’s seat of the work truck of the nation.  Michigan needs a mechanic pretty badly now, as the brakes are shot, the tank is 3/4 empty, and we are running on 2 flat tires.

Tomorrow, Jennifer Granholm will tell us we need to re-upholster the seats however. .

By the sounds of the motor, what we truly need is an oil change.

The Republicans most recent ad is not too bad..

Indeed, the Republican party has an opportunity to take advantage of the record of the worst governor the state has ever seen. If you are a party loyalist, and like to win elections, this is your year with the fallout and failure of both our state leadership, and that at the national level. But don’t forget the capitulation of moderate Republicans that went along amiably with policy that both violates the intent of our constitution, and helped the failures along.

Take nothing for Granted. Know who it is you support. If they willfully adorn the mantle of savior to the masses, they at the same time eagerly seek your unwilling participation. It matters little whether your keeper wears the mantle of Republican or Democrat as long as you are willing to subject yourself to losses of freedom.

More later today on tomorrow’s Rally.

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