Schuette: Keep Truth In Sentencing

My personal opinion is that there are crimes prosecuted that would be better served as probation issues (white collar, non violent) but the idea that wholesale commutations happen is absurd.  Schuette’s camp writes:

Voters were right to Ban “Good Time” for Prisoners

Former Appeals Court Judge Bill Schuette today voiced strong opposition to bills that would restore ‘good time’ for Michigan prisoners, and essentially end Truth in Sentencing by enabling prisoners to be released before having served their minimum sentence.

“The question to ask is this: what is best for the safety and security of Michigan families?” Schuette asked. “These bills fail that fundamental test.”

“Michigan’s violent crime rate is 30% higher than the average of all of Great Lakes states. And yet only 2 out of every 10 felons go to prison, half the national average. Releasing thousands more prisoners early will not make families, schools and neighborhoods safer,” Schuette said.

“This decision is being driven by dollars, not safety, and certainly not common sense,” Schuette added.

“Crime victims have a right to the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that a perpetrator will serve his or her minimum sentence. And police and prosecutors are already overworked with the cases they have, without thousands of inmates being released back on the streets early,” Schuette said.

“Crime victims need an advocate; crime fighters need an ally. The bills under consideration do neither,” Schuette concluded.

While we look at the cost of government from a number of angles, we ought not forget the primary purpose of government is the protection of its citizens from the bad guys.

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