Cox: Granholm Refuses to Make Necessary Spending Cuts

Mike Cox Calls for Substantive Reforms—

Not Tax Increases, Half Measures and Reinforced Status Quo

Southfield, MI— Mike Cox today slammed Governor Granholm’s latest budget proposal for raising taxes on families and reinforcing Lansing ’s broken status quo.

“The Governor’s budget doesn’t cut government enough and her new taxes only fuel the out-of control spending going on in Lansing,” said Cox.  “Michigan families deserve better than half-measures and higher taxes.  At a time when our State is hemorrhaging jobs to places like Ohio and Indiana, Michiganders need bold leadership and real change, not tax hikes on families and a reinforced status quo.”

“Once again, Governor Granholm has refused to bite the bullet and make the spending cuts required to balance the budget. Taxing people for haircuts and dry-cleaning to avoid making necessary reforms is not leadership.  The working families and job-providers in this state need real tax relief and leadership on spending cuts.  That’s why I’ve called for a $2 billion tax cut, spending cuts and reforms to empower families and job makers, not Lansing.”

Mike Cox’s message of less spending, lower taxes and reformed government has set him apart as Michigan’s leading candidate for Governor.  Last Saturday Cox drew a crowd of 1,200 families, activists and community leaders to a Rally for Michigan’s Future in Oakland County .  A recent EPIC / MRA poll found Cox leading his nearest primary competitor by seven points and outpacing the nearest Democrat by seventeen, more than any other Republican candidate for Governor.

“It is more obvious today than ever that Lansing is broken,” Cox continued.  “The Governor had the opportunity to propose real, substantive reforms to get Michigan working again but chose instead to demand even more from over-stretched taxpayers.  My plan will change that.”

Cox is the only candidate for Governor to release a comprehensive 92-point plan to put Michigan back to work, including proposals to cut billions of dollars out of the state budget, cut taxes on job-providers and families by $2 billion, make government more transparent, reform education, and revitalize our cities. The plan is available at

Earlier this month, the Mike Cox 2010 Campaign also announced that it raised $1.8 million in 2009 – with roughly $1.5 million cash on hand. The funds came from over 2,500 individual donors – with roughly 1,000 of the contributors donating less than $100. Further demonstrating momentum toward the nomination, the campaign raised $550,000 in December 2009 and $785,000 in the 4th Quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2009) alone.

For more information on Mike Cox’s campaign for Governor, please visit or call the campaign office today at 734-525-5035.

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