The Audacity Of The Leftard "Progressives"

I received this about 20 minutes ago from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee..  (my comments in green)


We know how their Karl Rove politics work.

On Christmas Eve, the Senate passed sweeping health care reform. Not one Republican voted in favor. Trying to deny Democrats a legislative victory was more important than expanding health care to millions of Americans who need it.

Republicans standing firm in their resolve in trying to deny stealing to reward the Democrat constituency is quite offensive to be sure.  Nothing like taking from one pocket to fill another dare I say so boldly?  Bully for you!  You own this thing fully, and no insensitive Republican will take that away from you!

They will spend the next 11 months spinning our health care victory into a weapon and hitting us with it.

HUH.. and here I thought you guys selected a big bore pistol,  went and applied for the permit, waited a week, picked up the gun, went to the local sheriff and gave them the ballistic test, brought it to us and then loaded a full clip, put it to your heads and put our fingers on the trigger and took off the safety..  Go figure.

We might have the momentum now, but we must show the GOP and the pundits that we can sustain it until the 2010 elections. A strong fundraising report will do just that, but we need your help.

You need more than my help.  There are names associated with your disorders..

There are only hours left until the DSCC’s end-of-quarter deadline at midnight Thursday. We need you to contribute $5 or more right now. Every dollar will make a difference! <link deleted>

Hard to believe SOROS would leave you hanging..  He gives your marching orders anyhow.  Get $5 from him.  The brains full of mush who would give you $5 need it for their liberal studies anyhow.

It’s hard to believe that Republicans could be so united against legislation that will expand health care coverage to 31 million uninsured Americans, add choices and competition, force insurance companies to abide by strong new regulations and cut costs for families. The bill also reduces our national debt and ensures that Medicare will remain solvent. Republicans are on the wrong side of history on this one.

Expand to 31 million while taking DECENT insurance away from 40 million more, and putting people out of work.  Sounds like a fair trade. NOT.

Now that they lost this battle, they will be focusing their fight — and their millions and millions of dollars – on defeating us. That’s why it’s imperative that we match them now and at every fundraising goal from here on out.

There are only hours left until the DSCC’s end-of-quarter deadline at midnight Thursday. We need you to contribute $5 or more right now. Every dollar will make a difference! <link deleted>

Every $5 you receive goes to buy a wino’s vote..  Round em up boys, and put on the School boarding lighhts!! NOBODY passes while we are picking em up!

I truly believe that history will not look favorably upon the Republican Party. In the meantime, it’s up to us to keep them out of the Senate.

The Republican party let you guys own this catastrophe in toto.  All yours.  take it home and love the hell out of it, but don’t feed it water past midnight, cause I hear bad things happen.


Sen. Bob Menendez

I wonder if Bobby even knows he typed this..

1 comment for “The Audacity Of The Leftard "Progressives"

  1. December 30, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    I think they misread your name and address. That, or they are real desparate and will ask anyone with $5.00 for help. After the health care business I hope it is latter.

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