Preparations for H.R. 3962

There’s talk and then there’s walk.

All the hubbub so far regarding the tax penalties (yes, it is a tax) on those not having approved health insurance policies has been talk.

So what about the walk? What will I do in the event H.R. 3962 get’s passed?

Discussion after the fact doesn’t do anything. Talking about independence wasn’t going to get the king off our ass. Neither would it do anything to eliminate the ramifications that would result in the event of H.R. 3962 becoming law.

So what should be done?

Well, the easiest way to keep things from breaking is perform preventive maintenance. Given that passage is waiting on the Senate, my first course of action would be to write letters to those senators that might vote for this legislative abortion. It just happens to be that both fall into that category.

However, I’m not going to write a “Please Sir, don’t vote for this. It’s bad!” letter.

I really want to get their attention, and something that they don’t have a form letter for. I’m going to write a letter challenging them. I plan to back it up, too.

“Gillman, what the hell are you talking about? Challenge them? What are you going to do?”

I will not get health insurance, and I will not pay the associated tax increase. I say again – I refuse to buy health insurance and I refuse to pay the tax increase in the event H.R. 3962 becomes law.

As I mentioned, the first step would be to put my senators (or yours, if you choose to follow my path) on notice that if 3962 becomes law, I will disobey all portions of the law concerning the requirement that I acquire health insurance or pay a tax penalty.

I would let Levin and Stabenow know in absolutely certain terms that the passage of this bill would result in a constitutional challenge down the road brought upon by one of their constituents.

I still have to write the letters, but when I do, I’ll be more than sure to post it here.

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